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Choose Youth! Radiance & Beauty!

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This Ancient Chinese Tool Lets You Revitalize Your Skin and Reverse Aging in Minutes

If you’ve ever dreamed of washing away the wrinkles, breakouts and old spots on your skin, only to discover fresh, smooth and youthful skin underneath, then listen up!

The Black Guasha is designed to do exactly that

For over 2,000 years, millions upon millions of women have been AMAZED by the anti-aging powers of Gua Sha – and now you can be too.

We’re The Best In The World At Getting RID Of:

Wrinkles and fine lines throughout your forehead, cheeks, and around your eyes

- Inflammation & irritation in your muscles and skin

- Age spots & blemishes that reveal your age (or even make you look older!)

- Breakouts and acne anywhere on the body: face, back, neck

- Double chins and flabby facial texture under your neck

Out With The OLD, In With The NEW:

Youth, Radiance, and Beauty

The Jade Roll Gua Sha works based on Microperfusion, a gentle process that encourages the revitalization of your skin from the inside out!

When you gently “scrape” this Gua Sha across your skin, it stimulates the blood flow directly beneath your skin, causing “petechiae,” or tiny red spots under your skin.

This is a sign your body is detoxifying itself by removing old, stagnant blood cells under your skin and replacing them with new, fresh blood.

When the fresh blood enters your skin, it brings youthful nutrition with it, and stimulates new cell growth. As a result, it literally washes away your old age and replaces it with fresh, smooth new skin.


-          Revitalizing the youth and elasticity your skin had years ago

-          Seeing that “fresh,” lively natural blush in your cheeks again!

-          Sculpting your chin and neck area for a real natural facelift that really works

-          Flushing your lymph fluids to improve whole-body circulation and health

-          Even natural feeling of energy and wellbeing from all that oxygenated blood!

Endorsed By Famous Influencers & Celebs Like:

- Katie Price, Chloe Ferry, Faryal Makhdoom, Vanity Femme, Fernanda Flores & Mariyah Khan. The list goes on...

- Over 20,000+ Happy Customers!

Over 20,000 Customers Can't Be Wrong

Jade Roll is the ONE name you can trust in Gua Sha. This premium rose quartz Gua Sha is naturally infused with healing crystalline minerals. Rose Quartz is known for being a romantic stone that helps a person find – or intensify – their one true love.

Youth, Radiance, and Beauty
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