Black Hydro Facial Cleanser

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Instantly Feel Super Confident In Your Own Skin

The Black Ldn Hydro Cleanser is the first and only at-home device that enables you to carry out the famous expensive Hydro Dermabrasion treatment used by famous celebs & influencers from the comfort of your own home.

What is Hydrodermabrasion?
Hydro Dermabrasion is a non-invasive skincare treatment which by spraying a jet of water, exfoliates the skin, deeply cleaning the skin, removing dead skin cells, improving blood flow, and stimulating the production of collagen.
The dirt and makeup residues that have sunken deep into your skin are then sucked inside the device.
Leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated like never before... 

Cleanse, brighten and extract impurities with the Black Ldn Hydro Cleanser.

*Users should expect to see instant results with 89% of our trialists reporting an instant glow after the treatment. Weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores.

Brighten, Restore, Rejuvenate Your Skin Instantly With Our Advanced Hydro-Tech Home Facial Treatment

✅  Get an Instant Glow

✅  Enhance the appearance of pigmentation and sun-damaged skin

✅  Thoroughly exfoliate dead skin cells and promote new collagen and elastin production

✅  Instantly revitalise and nourish worn out dehydrated and dark sunken skin

✅  Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles & plump up your complexion

✅  Treat and decrease congestion and acne

✅  Improve acne scarring

✅  Minimize the look of huge pores

✅  20 Times increase in skincare product absorption

Watch The Dirt From Your Skin Pile-Up

Exfoliate & Extract, See The Dirt Poring Out In Live Time!...

The use of water softens the outer layer of skin where all the impurities occur. The perfectly calibrated vacuum suction exfoliates the outer layer of the skin and extracts the dead skin cells, sebum, excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, unclogs pores & other skin impurities. 

By removing this dead skin cell barrier, new cell growth is stimulated and glowing youthful skin is revealed.

See the dirt & gunk build-up within the designated dirt collector.

Cleanse & Hydrate

The new, fresh layer of skin is exposed to the water and oxygen multiple times with each pass. The unique design of the cleaning tips gives has carefully thought out rigid friction edges, which means that the skin is gently exfoliated several times with each pass.

The spiral design also allows water to stay on the skin longer, to boost performance and absorption time in order to deeply hydrate the skin.

Leaving nothing but a cleaner, smoother, and a deeply hydrated new layer of skin that will look young, fresh, and radiant for days to come!


The vacuum suction increases blood circulation and triggers the skin's natural healing process which boosts collagen and elastin, leaving skin firm, fresh and radiant. 

It removes the top layer of dead, dull skin cells. Once this barrier is removed, skin care products can penetrate up to 20X deeper, maximizing the benefits of skincare.

Visible Results
One Treatment per Week
  • Unclog Pores
  • Hydrate Skin with Micro Bubbles
  • Reduce Visible Pores
  • Smoothen Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Even out Pigmentation
  • Clearer Smoother Skin
  • Correct Uneven Skin Tone
  • Improve Overall Skin Texture
  • 10x Increase in Skin Care Product Penetration


That's All It takes to have your best skin ever!

After the first treatment, your skin will feel very soft and new. After 4 treatments the long-term benefits will be visually noticeable, with firmer, smoother, velvety skin

Mild acne scarring should be diminishing and sunspots may be less noticeable. You will notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads and will experience much fewer breakouts overall.


Let your real beauty glow!

When you have deeply exfoliated your skin, not only it makes your skin softer and brighter but also it allows your makeup to go on perfectly smooth, revealing your real beauty and boosting your confidence!

Hydrodermabrasion is highly effective in improving the skin’s overall texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving deeper hydration to the skin. Congested and enlarged pores will become cleaner and smaller over time, if you stick to a regular facial regime.

What's Included
  • Hydrodermabrasion Handset
  • 3x Silicone Suction Nozzles/tips
  • 3x Plastic Suction Nozzles/tips
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable 

Our Amazing Customers Talk About It All Over The World


It’s one of the best at-home skincare devices ever!

"It works miracles on my skin! I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading so many good reviews, and even my friend recommended it to me, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, I can confidently say it’s the best of its kind on the market. My face skin feels so smooth on touch and looks so bright that I can’t believe it. I love the quality of the product and the design could not be any better in my opinion. Give it a shot, it won’t disappoint I am sure of it! 


-From UK-


OMG!! I Love It! Look at my results!

I purchased this specifically for my pores and blackheads (as you can see its a big problem for me!!). I've used it about 4 times since I received it. I am just amazed at how well this device works compared to other ones I have tried before. I love the small size suction tip, it provides the most suction power for the blackheads around my nose. I can see all the gunk that comes out immediately. Gross, yet satisfying! The blackheads around my nose are almost completely gone and my face is silky smooth even days after I have used it. I use it once every 4-5 days and it works best for me! Thanks REVIVE SKIN for this amazing product.


-From USA-


It's so much better than the other blackhead suction devices! I Love It!!

So my boyfriend was the first one to notice the change in my skin. In just 4  short weeks my acne has almost completely diminished, the milia around my jaw line has significantly decreased and now my makeup goes on so smooth and looks flawless on me. This is life changing. I'm so happy. Thank you so much!

P.S. I just bought another one for my boyfriend and he's also obsessed with it!  so win win xxx


-From CA-

You Can Try It For 90 Days On Us!

We offer a full 90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order yours, try it out, make sure it works, and decide if you like it over the next 3 months. If you want to send it back, we'll refund every penny of your purchase price, no questions asked.

On top of that, when you do decide to keep your product, it is still certified for your safety and comes with a 6-month warranty on all parts.

We want you to feel safe trying out the Black Hydro Facial Cleanser BEFORE you decide to keep it! But make sure to get yours ASAP, because Our Buy 2+ Items & Get 25% OFF Your Whole Order Ends Soon! 

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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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